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The Dun & Bradstreet Corporation is a company that provides commercial data, analytics, and insights for businesses. It is headquartered in Short Hills, a community in Millburn, New Jersey, the U.S. The company offers a wide range of products and services for risk and finance, operations and supply, and sales and marketing professionals, as well as research and insights on global business issues, serving customers in government and industries such as communications, technology, strategic financial services, and retail/telecommunications/manufacturing markets. Often referred to as D&B, the company's database contains more than 265 million business records worldwide.

A former Manager of The Dun & Bradstreet Corporation expresses his/her thoughts in a review written for INDEED in which among other things the company is described as an awful place that pays lip service to inclusion. "Company was acquired and went private and is now seeking to rapidly go IPO to satisfy their investors. Very little direction and a great deal of Ivory Tower Management.¨ -


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Account Executive (Former Employee) says

"the work itself isnt difficult, however, being able to be on your A game and perform at expectations while being degraded and foul mouthed is not easy. if you show a sign of weakness your job is threatened. DO NOT APPLY HERE"

Sales Executive (Former Employee) says

"The company is in shambles, doesn't pay you what you're worth but requires you to produce for their bottom line at all hours of the day. Leadership is subpar, has no idea how to lead by example and doesn't care to try. Wants to coast until retirement. Brags about their great attributes yet never actively lends a hand. Lies to your face to get information from you to give to their pet of the week. Driven only by dollars, brags about customer service but only wants you to throw packages at clients and hope they stick out of desperation. Vast resourceslow commission structure, No 401k match, high turnover, no leadership, no teamplayers, lazy work environment"

Did it all (Former Employee) says

"When they make you apply for a position you’re already doing, (for $15k a year less than the last person), understand they’re f*cking you. Trash company. Terrible leadership. IHeart louisville is last in the nation in performance due to their cancerous leadership. They will fail and be replaced at the expense of good employees. They’re required to make ten appointments a week, with asks for money of local businesses during a pandemic. None of these businesses have money to spend on ads that aren’t going to anyone. If you do not get ten asks for money they will take a billing account meaning, take your hard earned money! They are crooks and liars.NoneAll of them are cons"

Project Manager (Current Employee) says

"Upper management are manipulative and selfish. You're overworked and underpaid. No real opportunities for growth, they lie to you when you ask about advancement."

Traffic Manager (Former Employee) says

"Very top heavy in management. No room for advancement and no increases in pay unless you are promoted. Promotions were not always based on the most competent people getting the positions.Was able to work remotely.No pay increases."

Account Executive (Former Employee) says

"Not a great place to work. Management was not supportive. As a sales representative, I wan not allowed to go out on calls which was counterintuitive to my job."

Marketing Consultant (Current Employee) says

"The company does not care about their employees. I would be surprised if they are still in operation by the end of 2022. I wouldn’t recommend this company to any one that I know personally."

Social Media Marketing Manager (Former Employee) says

"Don’t expect to be paid fairly; My job got dissolved during the bankruptcy iHeartMedia had in 2019 Multiple times I would work 40+hours a week and my manager would tell me he could only pay me for 30 hours so he would take my time off my check which is definitely wrong but HR would not help me either do not apply for entry level positions with this companyCool perks around the cityNo help in moving up, cannot support yourself off entry level positions"

Promotions and Board Operator (Former Employee) says

"Iheartmedia care cares nothing about the employees or the music. The only thing that is hearted is $$$$$$ for the high ups and the bottom is neglected. Station crew was amazing but in my time I never met a manager."

Executive Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I do not recommend this company to anyone. The compensation is lacking, the managers are catty, and there is no emphasis on the importance of culture. There are no WFH options."

Account Executive, I Heart Media (Former Employee) says

"Sales department is not paid adequately yet expected to do all paperwork for $7 a month for some clients. In the top three of worst companies I have worked for. Would never recommend"

Account Executive (Former Employee) says

"Management is incompetent and zero help. They will try and screw you over any chance they get. Worst place to work and worst job I've ever had. Don't bother applying to this horrible company"

Assistant Manager (Current Employee) says

"No work/life balance. Low pay. Constant layoffs. Supervisors show favoritism. Lots of gossip. Toxic environment. No training. You can be the hardest worker there but if they don’t like you, your job will never be fulfillingSmoking area. Chance to learn. Can be funNo flexibility in hours. Unfair pay. No room for growth. No raises. No loyalty to employees"

Radio Personality (Former Employee) says

"The overall culture is not inclusive. There is no transparency and often times it feels like you're uncertain of the future of your role. There are so many dedicated employees who want to see the company succeed, but there needs to be more cohesiveness."

Sales (Former Employee) says

"Very poor management. No future in radio. Coworkers with extremely bad attitudes. Poor work environment. No one willing to train or assist. Do not recommend."

ouvrier (Former Employee) says

"manque d'humanisme et aucune compréhension du travail niveau team leader...aucunsbcp"

News Anchor/Reporter (Former Employee) says

"This is honestly the worst company I ever worked for. The company does not promote a positive culture, provides a toxic work environment, and does its best to kill any dreams of advancement you may have.Its still radio.Everything else."

Local Representative (Former Employee) says

"Do not value employees- do not give raises, for employees who have worked there for decades, do not have enough or any advancement opportunities, poor management styles. Do not invest in training for employees. Company structure is a mess- no clear direction- Employees are under-valued. Straight commission- sink or swim. Because of bankruptcy, do not have enough supplies or up-to-date equipment. No training what so ever.NoneMany- a toxic work environment"

consultant (Former Employee) says

"The title says it all. iHeart has no direction. They're in the middle of BR, and they're desperately trying to redefine themselves. If you go there with the idea that your opinion matters, think again. They'll listen, and then they'll force you into the same rut that's tanked their business."

Maintenance (Former Employee) says

"Well at this present time they're looking for excuses to sack the old timers so they can getting new ones in and tie them down to digital call out on their contracts.None really. Everyone hates the place.Bully boy branch manager"

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